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Annamay in Mexico:
An American Toy Company Considers Expansion to a Mexican Maquiladora.

A role-play simulation designed to teach
cross-cultural negotiation strategies. (2003)



Maureen Maguire Lewis
The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University


Senior Editor

Dr. P. Roberto Garcia
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University



Instructor's Book: 124 pages, including appendix and bibliography.


Level of Difficulty

Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students, executive education, and Business Spanish classes, cultural and business courses, organizational behavior courses.


Issues Involved

Outsourcing factories and jobs to foreign countries; Mexican political and economic landscape; maquiladoras and special economic incentives offered by Mexico; comparative manufacturing environments in the U.S., China and Mexico; labor, crime, and drug issues in Mexico; issues of women in Mexico.



A fictional company, Annamay Designs, Inc. is a thirteen-year-old manufacturing company, specializing in designing and assembling original dolls, doll furniture, and doll clothing. It runs a single factory in Apex, North Carolina. Grace Donovan, the CEO of Annamay Designs, faces a crucial decision. As a result of increasing orders, increasing labor and operations costs, Donovan must soon decide whether or not to outsource to a Mexican maquiladora.

Grace Donovan and her two closest advisors travel to Tijuana, Mexico to investigate the possibility of outsourcing some or all the manufacturing to a maquiladora.


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